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We are a cycling team that races and does club rides and events throughout the calendar year.  We are based on the “west side” of Portland, Oregon with most of our members living in the Beaverton city limits.  We primarily race Oregon Bike Racing (OBRA) sanctioned events in Oregon and southwest Washington.

Our mission is to help people grow by fostering in them attributes such as strength, resilience, and perseverance such that they have the courage to move past their “bonk”, in cycling and life in general. We believe that a cycling centric life creates a foundation for this change and will ultimately lead to stronger people, families and communities.

The hope is that by providing content and a team for other like minded people that others will come to know the same path.


Join us in spirit or in person as we seek adventure on the bike either via casual rides or in gravel, mountain bike and cyclocross races throughout the year!

Are you picking up what we're throwing down?

If you live around the Beaverton area and are interested in joining then click below and fill our our member application.

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Why "Bonk Collective"?

Bonk is more of an mindset of ours…  We feel like these days people seem to be a bit soft.  Risk aversion, mediocrity, trophies for all…maybe these are the artifacts of our current state of affairs?

In cycling, to “bonk” is to completely exhaust yourself mentally and physically such that you just can’t go on.  This experience is not unique to cycling though as we’re always met with significant challenges when doing something extraordinary for ourselves that requires significant focus and energy in order to move past and succeed at.

So in a nutshell, by learning to push ourselves to the point of failure so that we can learn something about ourselves, develop some grit, mature and come back stronger – that is the ideal.  This grit is developed on the bike and we believe is transportable towards every difficult thing we may be faced with in life.

The bonk is a marker in our journey towards self actualization.  Our collective hopes to enrich lives by encouraging, sharing and learning that bonk can be a really good thing when it creates growth in yourself.