Our mission is to help people grow by fostering in them attributes such as strength, resilience, and perseverance such that they have the courage to move past their “bonk”, in cycling and life in general. We believe that a cycling centric life creates a foundation for this change and will ultimately lead to stronger people, families and communities.

The hope is that by providing content and a team for other like minded people that others will come to know the same path.


Join us in spirit or in person as we seek adventure on the bike either via casual rides or in gravel, mountain bike and cyclocross races throughout the year!

Are you picking up what we're throwing down?

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Why "Bonk Collective"?

First of all, its kind of fun to say, “BONK”.

However, on a more serious thread; bonk is more of an mindset of ours.  We’ve been raised to follow the linear path through life and this path is wrought with all sorts of dangers like debt, thereby putting everyone into serfdom.  We lose our appetite for risk and since failure is viewed as something bad we stop trying.  We are lulled into a safe life of mediocrity.

And there we are as cyclists, plodding along in an easy gear through life.  One day though, if we’re lucky, we decide to set out to do something we’ve never done before.  We set out to do 100 miles.  The bonk is the resultant of this effort when nutrition, physical endurance or mental toughness is totally exhausted, at mile 60.

There we are, in a crumpled heap over the handlebars, trying to figure out how we’re going to finish the next 40 miles.  There’s no more water, no food and every time the road pitches the cramps come.  This is the bonk.  The experience is unique to endurance sports yet common as a metaphor for all life’s challenges.

Be rest assured that getting to this moment is special in itself.  You may have failed but others have failed to try.  It is at this moment that we hope you are encouraged by the bonk collective to keep going because doing so will make you powerful.  You learn that the bonk is merely the current state of affairs and armed with that knowledge you press forward to create a new future.

The bonk is a marker in our journey but it is never the final destination.  Our collective hopes to enrich lives by encouraging, sharing and teaching that the bonk is a way to build both community and self.