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Our goal at Dapper & Wise is to source and roast the best coffees we can find, to keep inventing new ways to treat our employees and coffee producers better, to be funny slightly more often than we are serious, to consistently offer the tastiest coffees and beverages in our cafes, to be at minimumvery nice to everyone who walks in our doors, to teach our friends and customers about coffee in a friendly and un-pretentious way, and to have fun while we are doing all of those things. It’s a long goal with a lot of commas and dependent clauses, but we think it’s worth it.

What goes better with cycling than coffee?  Not much.  After having honeymooned in Costa Rica Travis and Pam discovered that great coffee really is a necessity of life.  Having great coffee isn’t only for people living in Portland Proper but for those of us outside the city as well.  We love that Dapper & Wise started out in Hillsboro and wants to support the community they are a part of.

We build investment grade hubs, headsets, and bottom brackets that start with our legendary bearings. Fully serviceable and without compromise, our bearings get even faster with age. When other bearings wear out Chris King bearings wear in.
What we love about Chris King is that their products are made to last and this is such a rare concept these days.  Like fine leather shoes that break in over time and can be resoled over and over; Chris King components also break in and get better with age.  A good wheelset will make you faster on the bike and in our opinion is the best upgrade that can be made to a stock bike.  Think long term and buy Chris King.


Stages Cycling is dedicated to improving your cycling performance, fitness and health.  Stages offers all athletes the precision data demanded by cycling’s elite, in an easy to understand form to help anyone achieve their greatest goal – indoors or out.

If wheels are the best improvement that can be made to a stock bike, a power meter is the best product for helping improve performance.  We have been training with power for nearly four years and have had stages products on our bikes for three of those years.  Travis is an absolute data junky and loves geeking out on power.

Pactimo is a Colorado company known for quality, reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Since 2003, we’ve shipped over 1.6 million garments to Olympians, national champions, teams, clubs and individual cyclists around the globe. We hope you feel the inspiration of Colorado and our passion for cycling in everything we do.

We were introduced to Pactimo in 2009 when living in Colorado and have found their garments to check all the boxes you’d expect from a premium brand.  The ascent line is what we tend to wear and we can attest to the quality and comfort of the brand.  Travis recently completed a 8 hour ride with no chamois creme (and no chaffing) and his old pair of ascent bibs lasted him 4 years and likely something like 10,000 miles! (we don’t keep track of things like that so we’re just shooting from the hip here).  On top of this the customer service is excellent.  Check them out and you will not be disappointed.