Annual Membership


The annual team fee will go towards covering to cost of team registration and administration.

Team members gain access to the following benefits:

  • Team Kit
  • Support at select team rides/races
  • SkratchLabs discounts
  • Dapper and Wise coffee discounts
  • Other TBD


Just do it already!


2018 Team events overview:

  • Recreational
    • Team weekend (spring)
    • Team cyclocross training weekend (late summer)
    • Team (self) organized rides
    • Other organized rides – OMTM, Dirt Surfers, Ronde PDX
  • Racing
    • Gravel – Gorge + High Desert Grinds
    • Gravel – Oregon Triple Crown
    • Gravel – Other (Skull120, Bust Your Butte)
    • Oregon XC series MTB
    • Cyclocross – GP series
    • Cyclocross – Cross Crusade


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