Cyclocross Summer Training Plan (8 weeks)


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Heads up – Cyclocross in the PNW is a mere 8 weeks away (give or take) and that means its time to start looking at your training and preparing yourself for the season.  Cyclocross is something special, its raw and typically the strong and athletic will rise to the top.  There’s no hiding in the peloton for hours on end, letting others do all the work and then sprinting for glory at the end.  In cross you’re either going to lay down the pain or you’re gonna get the pain laid down on you!

Lets put the work in now so you’re not the latter come fall!


This plan is designed to:

  • Increase pmax, VO2 and FRC.
  • Learn and improve cyclocross related skills.
  • Reintroduce running to the body.
  • Develop core for stability on bike.


This plan is an 8 week build which will lead you up to the first race of the GP series in the PNW if started the first week in July.  It requires 8-10 hours and 5 days training a week.  The training philosophy is polarized.  2x HIT days a week are balanced by 3 easier days on the bike.  The workouts are power based and can be executed on trainer or outdoors.  On bike workouts are simple to remember which is important when executing them outdoors.  Otherwise, they are downloadable to a head unit and able to be followed that way.

If you do not train with power then RPE (perceived exertion) can also be used since most of the efforts are full gas, however, measuring gains becomes a bit more difficult.


The training plan is delivered through the platform which is free to use with limited functionality.  Once purchased an email will be sent with a link which will apply the plan to your training peaks account.  From there you are on your own for training.

Contact us via Instagram @bonkcollective or email: for coaching and/or customization inquiries.


Purchase of plans supports our team this fall during the race season.

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8 week polarized training plan delivered through TrainingPeaks.


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