Our team is new for 2018 and looking to make a positive impact in the gravel, mountain bike and cyclocross race scenes.

We have members from beginner to CAT2.


Our mission is to help people grow by fostering in them attributes such as strength, resilience, and perseverance such that they have the courage to move past their “bonk”, in cycling and life in general. We believe that a cycling centric life creates a foundation for this change and will ultimately lead to stronger people, families and communities.


We are:

  • Performance oriented.
  • Family minded.
  • Community driven.


  • Group events
  • Mentorship
  • Close knit, family oriented team.
  • Ride/Race support at targeted events.
  • Sponsor benefits.

How will we spread our racing in 2018?

Gravel 21%
Mountain Bike 29%
Cyclocross 52%

The team plans to participate in 35+ events in 2018.  The race season will start in March with gravel rides/races and then blend into the summer with some mountain bike events.  Late summer will bring short track into the mix and then the year will culminate with a full cyclocross season.

Aside from racing we will also join local rides to support the cycling community and to stretch ourselves. (ie training weekend, 100+ mi’ers and possibly a bikepacking).

Join the Team!

Recruitment for 2018 is open.  Our goal for this inaugural year is to build a strong group of people to be lifelong friends on and off the bike.  We’ll support each others goals for the season while working closely with our sponsors to deliver value.

We want to support you!

We are looking for opportunities to contribute to the success of brands which are aligned with our team’s direction.  Sponsorship opportunities are individual, team or event based and are open for 2018.  Please contact us if you’re interested in working together this year!