Our team is new for 2018 and looking to make a positive impact in the gravel, and cyclocross race scenes.

Our mission is to help people grow by fostering in them attributes such as strength, resilience, and perseverance such that they have the courage to move past their “bonk”, in cycling and life in general. We believe that a cycling centric life creates a foundation for this change and will ultimately lead to stronger people, families and communities.

Our Values:

  • Performance oriented.
  • Family minded.
  • Community driven.

Join the Team!

Recruitment for 2018 is open.  Our goal for this inaugural year is to build a strong group of people to be lifelong friends on and off the bike.  We’ll support each others goals for the season while working closely with our sponsors to deliver value.

Member Spotlight

Pamela Power

Pam races gravel during the spring and summer and then transitions to cyclocross in the fall.  Last year was her first year racing cyclocross.  At first she was unsure but after a few races she was extremely hooked.  She finished the season with no less than 17 races under her belt and had moved herself from CAT5 to CAT3!  This year she looks to break into the 1/2 ranks after having a more focused summer of training as well as building on her experience last year.

Aside from racing and riding bikes, Pam is a mother of two (5 and 6.5 yrs old) and a wonderful wife to boot.  She keeps the family running on clean home cooked food and still manages to find time for part time Marketing work at Impact Sign Co.  You can follow her on instagram @pamelapower or on strava: Pamela Power.

Racing Team Roster

Name Specialty
Brad Petersen Cyclocross / Gravel
Travis Power Cyclocross / Gravel
Brian Hunter Fondo / Gravel
Chris Pelto Gravel
Dan Handorff Fondo / Gravel
Nic Kytlica Cyclocross
Brian Fahey New!
Pamela Power Cyclocross

2018 Gravel Season Results

Race Name Category Result
Gorge Gravel Grind Brad Petersen Men, Super Grind 5th
Gorge Gravel Grind Travis Power Men, Big Grind 4th
Bust Your Butte Gravel Pamela Power Women, Short Course 1st
High Desert Gravel Grind Brad Petersen Men, Big Grind 4th
High Desert Gravel Grind Travis Power Men, Big Grind 5th
Oregon Coast Gravel Epic Dan Handorff 50-54, Abomination Course 2nd
Oregon Coast Gravel Epic Pamela Power 35-39, Son of Abomination 1st
Oregon Coast Gravel Epic Brian Hunter 45-49, Son of Abomination 1st
Sasquatch Duro Dan Handorff 50-54, Long Course 2nd
Sasquatch Duro Brian Hunter 45-49, Short Course 8th
Oregon Gran Fondo Travis Power Gran route (117mi) 6th

We want to support you!

We are looking for opportunities to contribute to the success of brands which are aligned with our team’s direction.  Sponsorship opportunities are individual, team or event based and are open for 2018.  Please contact us if you’re interested in working together this year!